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Some time back around 1977 I found it necessary to do something about the fragile, expensive, and often unavailable transmissions in the A series BMC cars.  I had rebuilt scores of A series transmissions and using used and hard to get expensive parts just wasn't getting it.  There were still a good number of these British automobiles around, Sprites, MGs and Morris Minors. Occasionally I'd even see an Austin in the shop. At some point they all suffered the same plight, gearbox trouble.  When the Japanese cars arrived they all but killed off the small British cars.    BUT The Datsun engine and transmissions were strikingly similar to the BMC A series stuff.  I went to work on a remedy.   After quite a bit of fussing, cutting, measuring, machining, head scratching, standing and staring, I had the answer.  Not long after that I was in production of an adapter kit to convert you're A series British car to a Datsun 4 or 5 speed full syncro transmission. All this without cutting up your precious British car. I installed scores of these in the shop and mailed kits all over the world. This conversion kit kept many a small British car from the scrap heap. I'm rather proud to say this kit is still in production somewhere.  Another small contribution I made was the perfection of the "three bolt" disc brake adapter for Morris Minors. If you aren't familiar with Morris' you have missed out on a truly amazing and significant little car. Designed in about 1948 it had some limitations, one of which was the brakes.  The brake system may have been adequate in England but we here drive and stop faster. Using the hubs, rotors and calipers from an MG or Sprite, and this handy little kit I developed and manufactured, one could turn a Morris into something pretty sporty.   The three bolt adapter has become the standard used `round the world.     BW